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Surface Finishes / Colours

Alucobond World of Colours Standard Surfaces
Alucobond natural surfaces Natural Surfaces
Alucobond anodized look surfaces Anodized look surfaces
Alucobond spectra & sparkling surfaces Spectra & sparkling surfaces
Alucobond Design

Full Scale Alucobond Design Images
Alucobond Design

Alucobond Design
Alucobond City iPhone application
Click on image below to download the ALUCOBOND® AU application for Iphone and Ipad
Surface finishes on the charts are subject to minimum order quantities. Minimum order quantities required may increase if the Alucobond is subject to minimum combustibility levels. Production and shipment lead times apply and vary depending on product specification.

Custom colours can be developed for your project. These surfaces are also subject to minimum order quantities as well as production and shipment lead times.

The Alucobond cost is affected by the specific surface finish required, core material requirement, order quantities, lead times, thickness and sheet sizes.

The colour reproduction of the scan images to the links above are subject to various limitations. If you need a representative sample of the surface finish request colour samples from Kaneba.